July 8, 2024

From click to convert: tracking vital steps in the customer journey

Getting people to click about on your website is great. Engage with your content, fantastic. But at the end of the day (for your business to, well, succeed) those customers need to convert to sales.

This is true for just about every business, whether you’re selling hats for goats or providing a dead Christmas tree collection service.

Interest to action and everything in between

Curiosity may have killed the cat but when it comes to the customer journey, you can’t go without it. When it comes to devising a website, brand or content strategy that will see your business go gangbusters, mapping out the path a customer takes from first hearing about your brand to making a purchase is a non-negotiable.

The customer journey is never one size fits all though, and each sector has its unique path to follow influenced by the:

  • Nature of the products or services
  • Target audience
  • Market dynamics

For example, the goal in retail might be to drive immediate purchases, whereas in real estate, the goal is to build trust for a significant investment.

Nurturing customers at every stage

If you want to optimise the journey, you’ve got to know it and understand each stage of it first. Then, you need to nurture your customers at every single stage of the buying journey.

It’s not just about capturing leads but also about guiding them through those stages. The goal? To nurture them along from the awareness stage right through to the until they convert into paying customers or clients (ideally long-term).

Case study: Property development sell-out success

We worked with a property development client on nurturing their customers throughout the buyer journey, with the outcome of a sell-out first stage within 10 minutes of release. Now that’s ROI!

It came down to the Kick team creating a strategy that nurtured their target market from the very beginning right through to the end of the buying adventure. It’s different for every client, but in this instance some of the key elements of the approach were:

Mindful branding and strategy: From the outset, we crafted a strategy that resonated with the target audience. This involved creating a strong brand identity that conveyed trust and value. The problem was establishing a new development in a competitive market. Our solution? A brand that stood out for its quality and proven reliability over time.

Carefully crafted online content: We developed engaging and informative content for the client’s website, ensuring potential buyers had all the information they needed. The challenge was providing enough detail to build confidence without causing information overload. Our strategy balanced comprehensive details with digestible formats.

Ongoing nurturing through socials and email: We kept the audience engaged with regular updates on social media and personalised emails. This constant interaction helped build a relationship with potential buyers. The problem was maintaining interest over a long buying cycle. Our solution involved consistent, valuable touchpoints that kept the development top of mind.

Equipping buyers with information: By the time the first stage was released our efforts had fostered trust and equipped buyers with everything they needed to make a purchase. The challenge was to make sure buyers were ready and eager to act. Our approach ensured they had all necessary information and felt confident in their decision.

This comprehensive approach paid off, resulting in a successful launch and a well-nurtured target market ready to commit to a significant purchase like buying land.

Converting clicks to customers is a journey that requires a deep understanding of your audience and a commitment to nurturing them every step of the way.

At Kick, it’s all about excel at crafting and executing strategies that turn potential customers into loyal buyers. Whether you're in property development, retailing hats for goats, or any other sector, a uniquely tailored approach ensures your success.

So, what are you doing to nurture your customers through these stages? Check out our project page for a look at more of what we do.