Kick is an action-based
creative agency delivering


Because there’s nothing worse than unfulfilled potential.

The frustration of your brilliant ideas collecting dust. Waiting on the sidelines with nothing out to market, while others steal the spotlight. Craving a presence and roadmap to get you on track for the success your business genuinely deserves.
Not to mention the radio silence from those agencies you emailed that promise the world but leave you hanging.

At Kick, we’re not just talk. We’re all about getting it done — and getting it done well.
Not your typical
creative agency
Finding the right fit with an agency can be daunting, and it's not always a smooth journey.

Kick are true partners and the perfect match for marketers who want to make it happen. Together we'll deliver inspired creative solutions.

So let's collaborate — make a time to chat (promise we’ll never ghost you).
Where to begin?
From concept to delivery, here’s a step-by-step of how working with us usually plays out:
Understanding your business and industry
We’re curious and we care
Understanding your team and who they are
Collaboration is a must
Helping you define your goals
Whatever they may be
Formulating your budget
A scary word but it doesn’t need to be
What’s the plan to achieve this
Strategy underpins everything
Getting creative and bringing your vision to life
The fun part
Launch and measure ROI
Analyse and learn
It starts with a live chat or message (whatever you prefer).
Don’t worry — the first date is on us!
Start here
The Kick
building blocks


Audits, Brand Guidelines, Communication Guides, Product Naming, Research, Strategy Workshops, Tone of Voice, Visual Identity.


Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy.


Art Direction, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Social Media Content, Radio and TV Scripts, Video Production.


Automation, Dashboards, Custom Applications, EDMs, Landing Pages, UI/UX Design, Website Design and Development.


Annual Reports, Billboards, Brochures, Catalogues, Corporate Communications,  Exhibitions, Packaging, Promotional Items, POS, Posters, Publications, Signage, Stationery.


Advertising, Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Print Marketing, Product Launches, Social Media Marketing.
Your curiosity has led you this far, now where can it take you next?
Let’s connect and see if we’re right for one another.
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