June 30, 2023

Our rebrand story: From Kick&Co to Kick

Brand identity is everything. It impacts the way people perceive your brand, whether they will recall it (or notice it at all) and ultimately whether they feel you’re the right fit to work with.

We decided 2023 was the right time to tinker away behind the scenes and launch our very own rebrand.

What is a rebrand?

Before we start digging deep into our rebranding process, let’s check in with a refresher on what this term really means.

As the name suggests, a rebrand is the process of creating a new look and feel for a pre-existing brand or business. The goal is to re-evaluate everything about the brand identity —from its target demographic to its purpose to its colours to its logo — and then make sure everything is aligned.

It’s usually necessary due to time, restructuring or some kind of business evolution. Sometimes through the process, you find that it might just end up a refresh that is needed, such as a logo tweak or font change.

For us, the evolution and growth of our business meant it was time for a full rebrand...

Behind the scenes of our rebrand

As an agency that has been embracing curiosity for a decade, Kick has undergone a few transformations over the years. That’s because, over the last 10 years our business has changed.

When we last went through a rebrand, we were a team of 2 with a network of sub-contractors, hence the name Kick&Co. It was Louisa and John working their butts off, with a whole bunch of trusted third parties to outsource to as needed. This marks the first change you might notice about our rebrand: no more &Co — just Kick.

What started as this dynamic duo has now evolved into a full-service agency, catering to all the needs of overworked and stressed marketing decision-makers. So, these days, rather than Kick&Co, it’s Kick who is able to deliver on every front — from strategy to design, copywriting to web development.

Our purpose and mission were different when we last rebranded too. Back then we were about creating a great place to work and rebelling against agencies who don’t value their biggest commodity.

While our rebellious spirit and focus on creating a great workplace culture remain strong, our purpose has evolved. Everything we do is now centred around creating a better future for our clients and for their businesses.

We want to help them succeed and inspire their audience in meaningful ways. That's our mission — to elevate our clients' ability to inspire. It's what drives us every day and guides our work.

How we tackled our rebrand

We’ve poured our heart and soul as well as a huge amount of our time and resources into this rebrand. Along with wanting to get it right, we also took it as an opportunity to take ourselves through the full rebrand experience, just as we offer to our clients.

A brand is so much more than the visuals, so the first step is to develop a robust brand strategy. We began from the ground up, running a branding workshop and defining our target market, benefits, values, personality, brand essence and more.

Once we agreed the &Co had to go, we went about exploring our new logo and visual executions. The idea behind the new logo represents Kick's nimble and agile nature, emphasising that we are greater than the sum of our parts. The shapes and building blocks also signify our ability to dismantle challenges and ideas to rebuild creative solutions.

We injected colour into our brand to speak to the vibrance of the Kick team, and had a lot of fun expressing our curious nature through the tone of voice in our copywriting. We wanted our visual identity to convey both our creativity and expertise and feel we achieved just that.

This rebranding process taught us a lot about ourselves and guided us to make some decisions about where we’re at and where we’re going. By treating ourselves as a client, we were able to ensure that every aspect of this rebrand, from strategy to design, was executed with meticulous attention to detail.

Kick&Co is dead… Sort of

You might be wondering what all of this means for our clients? Is everything they know and love about us up in the air? No way.

While lots has changed, there are some things that never will. Like our commitment to making our clients’ lives easier with personal, premium service. Only now with less moving parts to align when it comes to launching brands, websites and executing big campaigns.

We offer full access to a highly skilled team and a smoother flow with less need to deal with multiple agencies.

All in all, our rebrand has allowed us to lean further into these aspects of who Kick is and what we stand for.

The Kick rebrand is ultimately aimed at providing marketing decision-makers with a reliable and stress-free experience, allowing them to relax and entrust their marketing responsibilities to Kick. We’ve invested in our own business through our growth and this rebrand to be of better service to our clients.

So, welcome to Kick, or Kick Agency if you want to get formal about it. To say we’re excited about this new chapter is an understatement. Kick is more aligned than ever before and ready to deliver inspired, people-centred creative solutions.