December 8, 2020

How the digital marketing revolution is good for business

Gone are the days of needing to save tens of thousands of dollars to spend on your marketing efforts in order to briefly get in front of a huge audience via a television ad or on a billboard. Digital marketing has levelled the playing field between the big and small businesses and you can get big results for less.

Television is no longer the screen we are all glued to. And we don’t notice billboards so much these days, probably because everyone is looking down at their phones. Now there’s a screen we can’t seem to get enough of.

You don’t need to be a giant corporation with limitless budgets to get in front of your customers via their beloved phones. In fact, getting your marketing campaigns right into the palm of your consumers’ hands (literally) can be achieved for significantly less than a television ad slot. Plus, your customers can now contact you immediately while viewing your ad with a quick, effortless tap.

With consumers now invested in your brand story as well as what you have to offer, small businesses frequently lead the way in connecting with their audience via digital means for a meaningful, long term relationship. Move over, Goliath - David’s online and ready to shine.

If your business hasn’t yet taken a good, hard look at your digital marketing strategy and joined the revolution, now is the time.