November 12, 2020

Winning over consumers with compelling brand stories

Over the last ten or more years, the needs of the consumer have evolved. It’s not just the channels and platforms that need to be carefully chosen when allocating budgets across your marketing strategy — consumer attitudes have shifted dramatically. Customers want to know who you are as a brand and how you relate to them.

Similarly, while once upon a time marketing was about showcasing a product or service, today it’s about meeting consumers’ needs and solving their problems.

Values at the core of consumer choices

With so many popular marketing channels (we’re looking at you, social media!) offering a two-way communication system, the feedback loop is now often embedded within your strategy, making a customer-centric approach vital. Businesses and brands don’t stand a chance at avoiding hearing exactly what their consumers think!

Consumers want to be seen as well as heard, with the expectation that your brand aligns with their values, not just what they may want or need to purchase. Who you are as a brand is just as important as what you sell, and even how much it costs.

Take this example:

HiveBoxx is an American company that rents reusable moving boxes. They’re not the only reusable moving box company in the USA but their key difference is their brand story – they save bees!

Here’s their mission statement: “At HiveBoxx, we’re committed to helping save the bees and providing an eco-friendly solution tailored to your moving needs.”

From a marketing perspective, this concept can work in your favour. Brand storytelling gives you the chance to make your prospects feel connected to your brand before they have even worked with you or purchased from you. And once you’ve won them over, that relationship will make them feel more inclined to remain loyal to your brand long-term. So, go ahead and make it personal.