May 27, 2022

Getting the most out of QR codes

Quick response codes, commonly known as QR codes are a part of every day for most of us. Scanning in to a café or shop, scanning the one on your table to see a menu and even order, scanning one on a business card or flyer to get taken directly to their website for more information. QR codes are normal now!

QR codes are not so new

And while it might all feel new, as though QR codes are a recent advancement, would you believe that they have been around since 1994?!

That’s right – invented by a Japanese organisation back in the 90s, QR codes took two decades to become popular. Then of course the global pandemic saw them find new life with the demand for contactless options for, well, just about everything!

QR codes have become a familiar bridge between the physical and digital worlds and it looks as though they are here to stay.

The endless possibilities of QR codes

Now that the world is familiar with them and across exactly how to use them, they have started to be cleverly incorporated into marketing. Whether they’re used for payments, on your ‘smart packaging’ or even used for special offers, the possibilities are endless!

For example, from a packaging design perspective you can have fun or informative additions that come alive via a QR code. Or forget about putting long, unattractive URLs to websites – just pop on a QR code that links to your desired landing page.

Some businesses have made their QR codes look on brand too, with design tweaks to make theirs unique to their business without impacting the functionality of the code.

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We also over the history, usage stats, predictions and potential of QR codes for businesses in this free downloadable pdf. Grab your copy and start identifying where QR codes might be handy for you.