November 11, 2022

6 must-dos before launching your rebrand

A rebrand can be a breath of fresh air for your business — but it’s important to get it right.

When supporting our clients through the process to rebrand we also stick to this tried and tested advice to roll the rebrand out successfully…

1. Don’t rush

Setting deadlines for goals can be highly valuable, however don’t let self-imposed deadlines hinder your end result.

If the rebrand needs a couple of extra days to ensure everything can come together to a high standard, then it’s better to wait than rush it along and risk making mistakes or not doing it justice.

2. Develop a rebrand story

A brand story is an important element for every successful business, but what about your rebrand story? This is your opportunity to offer a rationale to those querying the rebrand.

Know your rebrand story well and communicate its alignment with your business journey. Storytelling is a powerful way of also engaging with your audience and bringing them along for the ride.

3. Launch internally

Those who work with your brand every day need to be on board and have a thorough understanding of what’s changed and why. So, before you go flashing your new look around town, compile meaningful communications to employees and partners first to avoid any confusion or uncertainty. Good vibes only!

You might even host an internal rebrand event — after all, who doesn’t love a branded cookie?

4. Generate some buzz

Sure you could just pick a date to publish your new-look site, post on your social media and/or send an EDM announcement.

Or you could consider teasing your rebranding to the audience to build excitement and anticipation. Run a promotion alongside your new look to build some real buzz and again surround your rebrand with those good vibes.

5. Align every asset

A rebrand can impact your website, email signature, tone of voice, sales materials, invoices, signage — you name it. Don’t leave anything behind!

Consistency communicates confidence in your undertaking, so make sure your rebrand hasn’t left out anything important. For example, check that the new brand colours are reflected across your socials.

7. Hit go all at once

While it can be tempting to launch the rebrand on socials before the website is ready, or slip the new look into your email signature right away, resist!

When going live to the public you want to have everything sorted so you can sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of successfully launching your rebrand.