Narva EX2 Product LaunchNarva EX2 Product Launch

Narva EX2 Product Launch

The Brief

Launching a new forward lighting range to a younger demographic, Narva’s mid-tier EX2 range were designed to give users the freedom to customise the look of their lights to match their 4x4 vehicle. While Narva’s top-tier Ultima range focuses on performance, in this launch the brief was to highlight EX2s unique style and personality.

The Result

Kick developed a launch campaign centered on younger 4x4 drivers being able to celebrate their individuality through their lighting. Breaking away from the traditional blacks and dark blues seen in most Narva and 4x4 targeted marketing, white backgrounds combined with busts of colour where used to represent the products interchangeable trip and RGB daytime running lights. The largely digital campaign drove customers to a Narva-first interactive landing page which was designed and developed in-house by the Kick team.

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