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Monitoring Dashboards

Real-time insights into your operations, helping you make informed decisions.

Application Processes

Streamlined digital applications to simplify and automate your business operations.

Stock Control

Advanced systems to manage your inventory with precision.

Online Training Modules

Tailored learning experiences to educate your team anytime, anywhere.

Automated Customer Programs

Keep your customers engaged and loyal with minimal effort.

Custom Applications

Bespoke digital tools crafted to meet your unique business needs.

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Limited by ‘off the shelf’ software solutions?

Spending too much time on manual processes?

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Embrace the future with Kick's digital solutions. Whether it's through automation, custom applications, or data-driven insights, we're here to make your business better.

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Case 01

Education and Training Platform

Dealing with the many stages of yearly student intake was a beast of a task for this client, eating up loads of time and often tripping up on human error. Even though they laid out all the steps for applicants, the support team was still drowning in questions, showing that something wasn't clicking.

Keeping tabs on who's applied and where they're at in the process was like herding cats, and scoring and interviewing was a logistical nightmare needing constant back-and-forth.

A clunky old mail merge setup made sending out custom reports to applicants a major hassle, while touching base with referees and sorting out offers was time-consuming and added to the pile.
After getting a firm grasp on the student intake ordeal, it was time to create a do-it-all digital platform that could juggle application forms, scoring, interviews, offers, reporting — the works — all in one spot.

This complete online platform was developed in stages to ensure all requirements were met. The modular platform allows flexibility for easy updates as needed.

A slick reporting system was put in place to save time while making sense of all the data on demand.

Finally, a secure archival system was the final touch to keep each year's intake info safe and sound.
• One centralised platform
• 70% less manual work required
• Automated emails at every intake stage
• Reduced user error
• 9+ years in successful operation
Case 02

Streamlined Multi Website and Integrations System

This client's existing WordPress multisite setup for their six modelling agency sites was becoming an ordeal, with inconsistent branding and difficult management. The sites were sitting ducks for bots and malicious attacks, leading to rising costs, reduced site speed, and a negative impact on model referrals. Outdated plugins and custom features were a pain to manage, especially when bugs popped up or when there was a need to tweak features.

The client was stuck in a loop of double-handling model information and media between their internal model management software and the websites. Slow load times and a clunky mobile experience were turning users off.

Difficulty handling the high number of enquiries and inconsistency of data received about becoming a model. On top of that, there was difficulty handling the high number of enquiries and inconsistency of data received about becoming a model.
Development of an intermediate API to link all department websites with the internal model management software streamlined the flow of model content and eliminated the need for repetitive data entry. Our developer worked in partnership with the internal model management platform developer to integrate the API between the software and websites.

A shared library of modular, reusable components was created, enabling the easy build-out of individual sites while allowing for custom tweaks without upsetting the apple cart on other sites.

Implementing robust caching, image optimisation and security measures means quick loading times, even with heavy media content. Plus, introducing a fully online model recommendation platform allowed for the creation and delivery of custom headshot portfolios directly to clientele.

An efficient notification and management system for model inquiries was set up, including integrated submission processes on the websites for consistent and thorough data collection. With regular maintenance and system health checks scheduled, smooth running of operations day in and day out.
• Uniform, fast websites
• No more repetitive data handling
• Improved client service
• Easy website updates
• Streamlined model inquiries
Case 03

Customised Learning Management System

Stuck with a vendor’s ‘off the shelf’ Learning Management System (LMS) that was unfamiliar and restrictive, this client’s ability to offer tailored learning experiences to their own network was seriously limited.

With the desire to introduce more customised learning modules and interactive elements than the vendor's platform could support, it was time to explore customised options.

It was also important to this client to align the branding of their courses more closely with their corporate guidelines, for a more cohesive look and feel across the board.
We focused on enhancing user experience, interactivity and branding in developing a customised Learning Management Software (LMS) system for this client.

Diving into researching the SCORM standard for LMS content was the first step — the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standard is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. From here it was about finding open-source solutions that would allow for the creation of more customised courses. These courses could then be integrated into the existing vendor platform via SCORM to gain the compatibility needed to really get things moving in the right direction.

A custom theme was whipped up to match the client's brand, ensuring that the construction and export of LMS modules would consistently reflect the company's identity. Plus, we designed custom LMS components to offer unique interactive experiences and intuitive display of module content and submission processes.

Ongoing support means that the client's offering can continue to evolve over time.
• Enhanced learning experiences
• Engaging, branded content
• Vendor platform limitations overcome
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