December 19, 2018

In-house Marketing Coordinator or an agency on retainer?

Not too long ago I found myself looking through job ads on Seek to see what kind of skills and qualities businesses are looking for in their marketing recruits. And at some point, I started yelling at my laptop.

In one job ad, the business was seeking a graphic designer, who could also coordinate photo shoots, write compelling content, curate social media posts, cut and edit videos… and be available to assist with adhoc administrative tasks.

How this one extraordinary individual would have time to do anything administrative between designing, photographing, copywriting, tweeting and video-editing is a mystery to me – and the bigger question is whether they’d be able to do these tasks with any real quality.

I’m all for being multi-skilled, and as a business owner myself, I understand the need to hire talented people with broad skills. But no good can come from stretching staff over too many marketing functions. Even if they have the ability, it’s likely they won’t have the time to properly execute, measure and finesse your campaigns as well as they deserve.

It’s one of the reasons more organisations are trading all (or part of) their marketing staff budgets for an agency on a retainer.

Good creative agencies such as, hmm, I don’t know… Kick Agency for example, offer a full suite of marketing expertise and execution – from strategy and planning, to design and digital, media buying, search engine marketing and all the other components required to craft a well-rounded marketing plan. Partnering with agencies like us gives you access to an entire team of professionals with niche skills and big experience – for roughly the same price as hiring a single marketer.

Other benefits of putting an agency on a retainer include:

  • No worries about annual leave, sick leave and paying super
  • Greater stability, as you’ll have a whole team with knowledge about your campaigns (rather than a single person)
  • You’ll always have a fresh set of eyes, with an outside perspective, that can help you see things you’re missing
  • Good agencies stay up-to-date with industry trends and technology and provide suggestions for incorporating these into your campaigns
  • You can easily scale up or down depending on your company’s workload and financial position
  • Agencies give you access to senior marketing and advertising executives who you might not ordinarily be able to afford to hire in-house

Whilst in-house marketing and advertising staff will always be important, organisations that don’t consider retaining agencies might be cutting themselves short.

In the meantime, if you ever find that designer/photographer/copywriter/social-marketer/video-editor, please let me know, because I’d love to shake their hand!