February 2, 2023

Business evolution: Finding better ways

Imagine if things always stayed the same. If we just kept plodding along doing things the same way simply because that’s how they’ve always been done and that’s how everyone else is doing them. Sounds like a recipe for stagnation and certainly not for reaching one’s fullest potential. And it’s certainly not the Kick way.

Innovating at any opportunity

Doing things a little differently, innovating and finding better ways is part of the Kick DNA. This applies internally to how the agency is run but also extends to how we deliver for our clients. It’s even incorporated into our brand values, defined as evolution. Because who doesn’t want to evolve and find better ways and better outcomes?!

One aspect of how we find better ways is how we continually innovate to elevate our clients’ businesses, offerings and products. We question everything, assessing whether it’s the very best way we can tackle the creative and deliver. If there’s room for improvement or space for taking a fresh, new approach, we’ll find it!

Another part of how we live up to evolution as a value is through the way we run as a business. And viewing the Kick team as people first (remarkably talented creative professionals second) is the driving force behind the introduction of our latest initiative: My Time.

My Time at Kick

So, what’s My Time? In a nutshell, on the second Friday of each month Kick’s team will be calling tools down at 1pm and taking the rest of the day to do, well, whatever really!

Kick’s founder, Louisa, developed My Time as a way to show her beloved Kick family that they (and their time) are valued. Her encouragement for how to use this paid half day off each month? “Do anything that fills your cup!”

Better ways for better outcomes

The last few years were transformational for many organisations. Working from home across a variety of family dynamics, transitioning to meetings via Zoom, adjusting, adapting — we all did it. And productivity was not impacted. In fact, in many studies productivity increased for those working from home!

Similarly, studies of businesses where employees have had hours reduced by as much as 20% with no change to wages discovered that people got more done when working fewer hours! Importantly, the boost wasn’t just in productivity but in health and wellbeing too. Experts noted that working fewer hours leads to happier, healthier and more engaged workforces. We’re excited to see what benefits My Time brings to the Kick team!

My Time for You

If you’re one of our clients, you might be wondering how My Time will impact you and the work we do for your business. Well, rest assured we will continue to carefully structure our workloads and creative processes so that your deadlines will be met every time.

And with our team having that extra bit of time to do what makes them feel happy and fulfilled, we think you’ll reap the rewards of a creative team at its finest!